“Houses can form a neighborhood but only people can make it a community."

  Cherry Festival    Beaumont Cougars

Community is an essential part of family, of lifestyle and are groups of people with a common interest. 


Understanding local conditions in any community is important when it comes to buying and selling real estate. The biggest impact is the neighborhood you choose. It can have a dramatic impact on many aspects of your life.


When it’s time to move, let us be the professionals on your side who has experience, knowledge, and the confidence to help you make the best decision for your family possible.



The Pass Area Cities


Welcome to the "The Pass".


The Pass is located in the Inland Empire of Southern California, "The Pass" is the major east-west

corridor that is used to access Southern California and is between Mt. San Gorgonio

and Mt San Jacinto. We will highlight a few cities in the Pass area including Beaumont,

Banning, Cherry Valley, Calimesa and the City of Yucaipa. Please click on the picture to view

more information, pictures and videos.




Welcome to the City of Banning


Initially, Banning served as a stagecoach and railroad stop between the Arizona territories

and Los Angeles.Today it carries on the tradition with Stage Coach Days an event that

started in 1957. With plenty of real estate, Banning is continally growing with an expected

new residential development to start in 2016.


 Banning California




Welcome to the City of Beaumont California


Beaumont means "Beautiful Mountain". Beaumont is host to many new master-planned

communities and is one of Southern California’s best-planned, and fastest growing

communities. Home to many events and fun things to do including the Cherry Festival,

Lavendar Festival and Redlands Bicycle Classic which is one of America's longest running

bicycle state races.







Welcome to the City of Calimesa


With a focus on Smart Growth and taking care of Mother Nature, Calimesa is all about

keeping things livable. Calimesa is a growing city with a great food and a challenging

golf course.




Cherry Valley


Welcome to the City of Cherry Valley


This rural unincorpoated town sits just North of Beaumont and lives up to it's name

with numerous Cherry orchards open for bussiness in the picking season. This highly

attractive town has plenty of space for those who are looking for a rual setting but still

close to city life.


Cherry Valley





Welcome to the City of Yucaipa


Yucaipa is a great place to call home! There is always something to do in Yucaipa, 

whether you take your family to the Yucaipa Regional Park in the summer to have fun

on the water sidles, walk through the historic streets downtown shop at the marketplace

or go hiking in the trails, Yucaipa has it all!