Three Rings Ranch at Beaumont California

 Three Rings Ranch at Beaumont Overview


Three Rings Ranch first broke ground started construction in early 2001 and was completed in 2006. This develoment was comprised of three different builders. The Brookfield builders were the main builders in Three Rings Ranch. They built single story homes ranging from 1508 to 2822, mixed single story and 2 story homes ranging from 1532 to 2486.


  Three Rings Ranch   Three Rings Ranch in Beaumont California


Osborne was also a builder in Three Rings Ranch producing homes ranging from 157 to 1973. The large park is in the center of the development and is great for soccer practices, basketball and a playground for the kids. Across from the park is the neighborhood school, Three Rings Ranch elementary school. The schools attached to Three Rings Ranch are Beaumont High School and Mountain View Middle School.